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  • To socially and economically empower the Nigerian cotton farmer.
  • To make available to customers the highest quality of Nigerian cotton products they can find anywhere.
  • To provide our customers with information required to make informed buying decisions.
  • To make Nigerian cotton a factor in the global cotton trade.

ArewaCotton is dedicated to the growth of Commercial Cotton Farming in Nigeria

…primarily through mechanisation and the adoption of agricultural best practices that will give rise to professional farmers, ginners and traders in the industry. We are focused on bringing the highest levels of quality awareness to bare on our operations from sourcing the highest quality seeds, to farming, processing and offering customer services that measure up to International standards.


ArewaCotton is currently expanding her scope of operations and increasing her processing capacity. We have engaged in large scale cotton farming for the purpose of Seed Multiplication and contribute to the market supply of seed cotton from our out-grower farmers. We have expanded our scope of operations to cover the entire North Central and South-West Regions of Nigeria, where we hold the enviable status as the only functional cotton ginning company. In collaboration with NACOTAN Southwest Nigeria Ltd, we are operating the only cotton ginning plant in the entire Southwest Region of Nigeria. This collaboration is in tune with our goal to create our long envisioned “ArewaCotton Alliance”. ArewaCotton has taken delivery of a brand new 280MT per day ginning plant which will further boost our ginning capacity, while building relationships with other ginners to support same, so therefore positioning us to process the expected large quantities of seed cotton we anticipate to attract for processing.

Logistics is a critical success factor, so we have strengthened our capacity directly with a fleet of trucks and creating partnerships to better coordinate our entire supply and distribution operations. With our strong focus on quality, ArewaCotton is arguably the only cotton ginning company in Nigeria to have publicly developed Sale Types; Six (6) to be precise, which has helped us emerge the chosen partner for several big global cotton trading companies.

ArewaCotton has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Institute for Agricultural research, Zaria, in August, 2012; as part of our commitment to produce and to maintain the highest quality of cotton seeds, and to ensure that Nigerian cotton will continue to meet all international standards. ArewaCotton is one of the top cotton companies in Nigeria that operates in three distinctive sections of the cotton business; farming, ginning and trading. With the aim of introducing higher yields and enhancing quality controls across the entire farming process and network, ArewaCotton takes the time to source out improved qualities of cotton seed, which is then distributed to farmers. With a strong focus on quality, ArewaCotton has maintained her position as the preferred partner to several big Cotton Trading Companies located in Europe and Asia.


ArewaCotton & Allied Products Limited (ACAPL), now simply rebranded ArewaCotton, was incorporated on the 26th day of May, 1988 as a company limited by shares and started full operations in 1990. It was established with the primary objective of ginning and trading cotton lint to Nigerian textile mills. The company’s first foray into the export market was in the year 2000. ArewaCotton currently has installed three Gins located within the best cotton growing regions in Nigeria; Wawa in Niger State, Guyuk in Adamawa State and Ajaokuta in Kogi State.


In the not too distant future, ArewaCotton will begin to offer the very first commercially available High Volume Instrument (HVI) cotton testing services in Nigeria. Also, along with some world class cotton seed companies, we plan to establish a Seeds testing and Seeds production facility here in Nigeria therefore ultimately giving us a rounded quality control supervision. ArewaCotton is determined to build the required partnerships both locally and internationally that will help meet the growing demand for Nigerian Cotton Products.

ArewaCotton intends to expand her activities to cover other commodities such as Ginger, Sesame Seed, Cashew, Cassava, Soy Beans etc, all very readily available within our operational areas and with significant values. ArewaCotton aims to be a truly reputable commodity processing and trading company.

ArewaCotton Affiliations

  • National Association of Cotton Farmers (NACOTAN)
  • Ginners Association of Nigeria (GAN)
  • Cotton Made in Africa (CmiA)
  • African Cotton Foundation (ACF)


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