The world’s cotton market are as volatile as only a commodity market can be. Timely knowledge of these changes is a key success factor to those engaged in buying or selling raw cotton.

ArewaCotton is a reputed company that has integrated backwards to cotton farming and forward in trading in and outside Nigeria. The company also contributes to the development of cotton production zones by the way of various farmer oriented schemes. The company basically processes seed cotton, and then trades the cotton products in the local and global market.

ArewaCotton trades in:

Cotton Lint

Cotton Lint is the main product that the processing of seedcotton achieves. ArewaCotton’s cotton lint are white in colour, packed in bales of 220kgs-227kgs and secured with wire straps. Cotton lint is the main requirement of Textile Mills and Spinners.

Cotton Seed

During the ginning process, cotton seed which is separated from cotton fiber is collected into 50kg polypropylene bags. The cotton seeds are now sold directly to end users or to seed cotton supply merchants. Cotton seeds are used by oil Mills to produce edible Cottonseed Oil.

Cotton Linters

Cotton Mote

Trading of Cotton Lint image
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