Agriculture in Nigeria contributes more than 30% of GDP, thus it is the largest contributor to the Nigerian economy. Rapid growth in agriculture is essential for broad based economic growth thus requiring sound use of science and technology embodied in improved seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products and other agronomic practices.

ArewaCotton’s main business is the farming, ginning and trading of cotton lint. We also deal, on a smaller scale, in other cotton by-products such as cotton oil, seed cotton, cotton waste etc.

Farming Cotton


ArewaCotton has its own farms and that of its outgrowers in the North Central and Southwest Regions of Nigeria

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ArewaCotton has began the process of modernizing its ginning section by investing in state of art equipment and machinery.

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Trading of Cotton Lint image


The world cotton market is as volatile as only a commodity market can be. Timely knowledge of these changes is a key success factor…

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