AREWACOTTON: Ensuring the Success of the Southwest as a Major Cotton Production Region

ArewaCotton has achieved yet another feat by signing a 3 year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) in support of cotton production in the South-West Nigeria.

The objectives of the MOU here listed amongst others are;

·        To revive the cotton production and processing in the Southwest region

·        To offer extension services to all cotton farmers in the Region

·        To distribute improved seeds specific to the region to farmers and maintain their varietal integrity through a virile and systematic seed multiplication scheme

·        To Contract farm cotton for ArewaCotton using its various farmlands located within the Region

·        To modernize cotton farming on a large scale, so as to create wealth for all participating farmers and partners in the project.

A 6 member Joint Working Committee has been set up comprising of two (2) Senior Representatives of ArewaCotton, two (2) senior representatives of FUNAAB and two (2) senior members of NACOTAN Southwest, to monitor the MOU Objectives and Implementation, ensuring that stipulated timelines are met.

As is our practice at ArewaCotton, we would continue to promote global best practices in cotton farming, harvesting, post-harvest storage, transportation, post-processing storage and creating trading markets for the Southwest Region. 


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